advertising your products and services
advertising your products and services

My Online Digital Products (formerly Healthy and effective living) website has created a platform whereby our site users will be given opportunity to showcase their products, services and ideas for the world to see.

Ever since our website has been launched so far we have our site users from 100 countries (from all continents, with evidences right on this website for you to see) and this is increasing on daily basis.

Then, why not afford yourself and your company the opportunity to let the world have a better view of all what you have to offer them to improve their lives.

our advertising platform is designed to meet up with all the expectation you want for your business. our services is provided to decrease the likely=hood of your customers switching to your competitors especially when you have a great products, and fantastic Ad copy that will make your customers glue to your products and services.

Do you just launched a products? Or you have carried out general overhauling of your products to make it more appealing to your customers. Then, advertise with us.

Do you want your products to be advertised to more people more conveniently to our teeming site users? Then, here is an opportunity you can benefits from.

As we are launching this advertising platform, we have a flat rate of $100 for you to place your advert with us for A WHOLE MONTH!!!

WE WILL ADVERTISE YOUR BUSINESS, PRODUCTS AND SERVICES. We are not using Pay Per Click (PPC). This means your products and services will be advertised on our website for a whole month at a flat rate of $100, purposely to compensate our website users.

On 29th August, 2016 alone, I have 1896 human visitors to this website and this came from 139 countries of the world. DO YOU KNOW THE MEANING OF THIS. IT MEANS ADVERTISING ON THIS WEBSITE WILL GIVE YOU VISITORS FROM OVER 144 COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD!!! . The evidence is in the statistics page of this website and is always available if you want to confirm.

And, can you imagine that this website is benefiting from organic search. This means my website is on the front page for the keyword I am targeting. Place your advert with us today to get your advertisement shown to the whole world from this website.

Just signify your intention and send your request to us through our contact form and our representative will attend to your request as soon as possible.

Remember, You Are Providing Solutions To The World’s Problem, Then Let The World Know About Your Business, Products And Services.


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