Do You Know The 5 Essential Elements of Profitable Sites?

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Do You Know The 5 Essential Elements of Profitable Sites?

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Do you know that having a better understanding of the 5 most essential elements of a profitable website is all you need to get the required results needed to be a successful internet marketer. Then read on as I give you the first hand information of some of what you’ll have to do to succeed online.

The first question has to do with “What technology tools do successful websites use? You’ll have to remember that as a shop is highly important in brick and mortal business enterprise, so is a website will stand as a store front for you to showcase your products and services online. Your website will serve so many purposes for you as you venture into an internet business arena. For example, it’s going to be your customer service rep, delivery guy,  marketing department and also serve as your referral. All these will be rolled up into one to give you the success and profit you need as an internet marketer.


  1. We Are Open: Your website is an outlet through which all the search engines as well as all internet surfers who might very soon become your customers will get to know about your business, products and services rendered. And as know that people will never  enter stores that have a closed sign at the door (though some people do, but… you know, every law abiding citizens will not try that). In internet marketing  nothing says ‘Closed” louder on a website than having old content that are not always being updated. So one of the best things you can do is to get a script that keeps the current date front and center for your visitors. You don’t have to update it everyday – it does it all by itself.


  1. Now that people have learnt about your business, don’t you know that people will always find means of getting more information about your products and services. This necessitates you to have a customer service desk. This can take the form of a survey form where they fill out their name, email and other necessary information needed to get the best results from getting in touch with you. It may be by simply subscribing to your newsletter or at times they may even have a special request from you. If you want to have a ‘stress-free’ site, try to make available an FAQ section – Frequently Asked Questions. Then one of the important things you will want to have also is an autoresponder.


  1. An Auto-responder: Having an auto-responder on your website is an avenue to make your website always available to give your customers update about what is happening on your website from time to time. This will keep your site in the mind space of your potential clients who have signed up for your newsletter or requested more information about your products or services. It is the duty of auto-responder to send out preformatted emails, promotions or other necessary information at defined intervals automatically even when you are sleeping. Did you know that after 5 emails, the likelihood of making a sale increases steadily? It may seem like you are being intrusive, but they will be able to unsubscribe if they wish.


  1. Urgency Sells: To ensure you prompt your customers to place order for your products or services, you must make it a point of duty to introduce close sales terms on your website. For example, when you offer limited time offers on your products offers, you cause people to make quick decisions and in which delay in making such decisions will let them miss the chance of getting your product at a discount . You need a script that keeps a deadline up to date on your website. It would generate a line that looks like this: This offer expires on XX/XX/XX, so act quick! OR ELSE…..


  1. The Popup Generator: The Pop-up windows that appear on your website when a visitor enters or leaves your website have been shown to dynamically boost subscriber’s rates and sales. Even if you don’t have any programming knowledge, you’ll be able to add a popup to your site with a single click


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  1. Tell A Friend Generator – To succeed as an internet marketer it is a matter of must and urgency to include tell a friend script on your website. You’ll have to know that no matter what promotional tools you use on your site, no tool is a match for the power of viral marketing. Use this generator to create a quick, one-step button that you can add to your web site that will let your visitors tell their friends about your site with just one click! Add this to your site and watch a whole new flood of targeted traffic coming in even when you least expected!


All these types of scripts are available for free or for a small fee online. I suggest that in addition to these sites, that you visit lots of sites you would like to emulate and see what they do well, what strategies are particularly effective and find ways to incorporate them into your online business adventure.

Remember, our website is produced to give you the best information needed to succeed online. So don’t hesitate to contact me through our contact page. Send your request to our email address for any request on how to succeed online and to forget that we have books that will take you by the hands to show you the best methods to adopt to set up your online business as fast as 24 hours anytime you are ready.

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