Eat A Balanced Diet: The Need To Make Yourself Healthy Through Eating

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Do you know you need to eat a balanced diet if you really want to stay healthy as you go along with your daily obligations?

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Balanced diet is the combination of all classes of food eating to provide the required energy for effective living and good health. However, food is defined as any substance that is taken into our body purposely to build and repair our body tissues which also yields energy in heat and muscular power. A balanced diet for an average person should contain 10-15% Protein (though children may need far more than this), 25-30% Fat and 60-65% Carbohydrates, while a fairly active woman would need 2500 calories per day. And, for her to have balance diet on her daily consumption she would need 10% Protein (or 250 Calories), 25% Fat ( or 625 Calories) and 65% Carbohydrates (1625 Calories) at any particular time. Having a better understanding of the classes of food is highly important if you want to know the right type of food to be eating at any point in time to ensure you have the right amount of calories necessary for eventful living. The classes of food are:

 1. Protein, 18% of body weight.
 2. Fats, 16% of body weight.
 3. Carbohydrates, 1% of body weight.
 4. Mineral matter, 5% of body weight.
 5. Vitamins.
 6. Water, 60% of body weight.
  1. PROTEIN: This is a class of food that is known to build body tissues, repairs waste, yields energy. It may also help to store fat in the body. One important point you need to take note of is that at least half of your protein should be derived from the vegetable kingdom. However, a large percentage of protein is contained in Eggs, Meat, Fowl, Fish, Nuts, Milk, Cheese, Gluten of Wheat, Legumes (beans, peas, lentils, peanuts, etc.)
  2. FATS: Fats are known to yield energy and are stored as fat. We have Animal Fat that can be derived from Cream, Butter, Lard. Fats can equally be derived from Oils such as Cottonseed, Olive Almonds, Peanuts, Walnuts Chocolate, among others.

  3. CARBOHYDRATES: This is another important class of food. It’s known to yield energy and are stored as fat. They are derived from Sugars especially in candy, honey, syrup and sweet fruits. Starches are another main sources of Carbohydrates especially in breads, cereals, potatoes, corn, legumes, nuts, etc. It can also be derived from vegetable fibres or cellulose

  4. MINERAL MATTER: Mineral matter is a class of food that is known to contribute immensely in the formation of bones and teeth, and is also necessary for proper functioning of body system. This is derived from Carbon, Lime, sodium, potassium, Sulphur, Iron, Phosphorus, Etc.

These elements are contained largely in the outer coatings of grains, fruits, and vegetables, and in animal foods and their products. You can learn more about Healthy Eating

  1. WATER: This is the universal solvent, absolutely necessary for life. Water is known to be contained in purest form in all vegetables and fruits. It has been scientifically proven that the average person needs about three to five pints to be taken per day. Water should be clean, colourless, odourles and pure before it can be said to be proper for drinking. But, if you are not sure about the purity of any water to be taken then endeavour to boil it to make it suitable for drinking. However, you should take note that you can’t drink while food is in your mouth.
  • VITAMINS: Vitamins are known as the health preservers, because they are vital substances necessary for growth. The chemistry of these products is at present not thoroughly understood, but their importance has been demonstrated by experiments. Through research, it has been confirmed that a lack of these vital elements in the food are called “deficiency”. And this deficiency of these vitamins can cause diseases like beri-beri, scurvy, rickets, and probably pellagra. It has equally been found out that the vitamins, like the minerals, are most abundant in the outer coverings and the germ of grains, as well as in fruits and vegetables. They are also present in fresh milk, butter, meat and eggs. And, babies fed with pasteurized or boiled milk should have fruit juices and vegetable purees early. Begin with one-half teaspoonful, well diluted, and gradually increase the feeding to an ounce or more between meals once or twice daily. Doing this will give you the necessary ingredients needed for happy and healthy living.

Of course it has been demonstrated that eating a balanced diet is necessary for eventful living and if this is to be achieved at all then having a better understanding of the classes of food should not be underestimated. If everybody makes it a point of duty to know what and how to eat for effective living, then the nations of the world as well as their citizens can be saved from horrible diseases, and hundreds and even thousands of babies and elderly ones can be saved from contacting diseases and untimely death. Proper understanding of the classification of food will afford you the opportunity to better plan your daily meals without any problem. The need to eat a balanced diet is hinged on the accessibility of the right information, which is geared towards the sensitization of the populace about which food is appropriate to be eaten as required by every individual to enhance healthy and effective living. Thank you.




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