Five Easy Steps To Stay Motivated As An Entrepreneur To Be The Best You Can

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staying motivated 

Do you know that staying motivated is one of the option you have to drive your company performances and profits to the roof. Some people as entrepreneur are known to have bad demeanour to everything around them and this go a long way in making sure their establishment perform badly even far more than other establishments that don’t have structures be it human and facilities that can make production more effective like them


Moving around with frown face can no doubt make you and your company become unpopular even among your paid staff, let alone of your customers that can help your company grow..


Motivating yourself to excel at your job should not be something you do only when your spirit tells you to move on.  It’s an ongoing process that should include every facet of your business life. And this should be your exemplary character that your employees must know you with and through this you become a role model to them and before you know it, this will be transferred to all production, packaging and marketing processes that will help your company to grow.


When you have an exemplary behavior, this will be experienced in your mental attitude, physical well-being and appearance, work atmosphere, your interaction with others (clients and employees alike), and your off-the-job environment.


Motivational experts get paid big bucks to tell professionals that are striving for success, that they must constantly examine the level of motivation you have as an individual.


 How do you do that?  Follow the 5 tips listed below and watch the changes you are likely going to experience.


  1. Try To Maintain a Positive Attitude Always – You need to know that life is only a 10% of what happens to you while the remaining 90% has to do with your reactions to what really happen to you. This is a clear indication of the fact you’re to be held responsible for all your own actions and attitudes, and changing them when appropriate also solely depends on you.

If you know that everything lies on you, you will no doubt be mindful of how you react to everything that happens to you. With this you’ll have to surround yourself with positive minded people that just don’t blame others for their inadequacies. Owning up to your mistakes and trying to correct them as soon as possible will give you insights on how to have positive attitudes to any situation you find yourself. You’ll equally have more confidence in yourself, and know you can change whatever needs changing. If you can make your workplace such a place you’ll find happier workers and higher production. You might even find your employees look forward to coming to work when you’re least expected!


  1. Don’t Carry Your Home Problems To Your Office – As a responsible Chairman, Managing Director, or CEO, you need to separate your home affairs from office engagements. You need to know that everyone at one time or the other has problems, but they don’t necessarily belong at work. Turn your attention and energy entirely to your on-the-job tasks. This will actually be good for you because you’ll get a mental break from your troubles. Carrying your home problems will no doubt spoil all your activities if care is not taken or you lack wisdom to take control of your actions at work.


  1. Endeavour To Create Positive Affirmations Everyday- Positive affirmations will tell you in clear terms your expectations and how you’ll achieve them. This will make your daily obligations more easy to achieve or carried out. The reason for writing goals for your business is the same as creating positive affirmations on paper.  What your eyes see and ears hear, definitely your mind will be working towards to accomplish. You’ll have to believe it and give it a trial!  After you’ve written them down, read them aloud to yourself – and do it every morning when you get to work.  You’ll be amazed at what happens.  The positive results of your actions will be there for you cherish. Then, cultivate the habits setting new ones every month. For example, write statements such as, “I’m an important and valuable person,” or “I know I’ll make good use of my time today.”  Repeating them out loud everyday at a set time will help reinforce positive actions. And, you’ll love what the outcomes will be.


  1. Make Sure Break Times Are Really Break Times – Trying to make use of your break time to accomplish what you have failed to do will no doubt reduce your effectiveness in your work. Definitely you need to have a BREAK. It’s highly unfortunate that most bosses/entrepreneurs usually fall down along this line. They usually become so intense about the project or situation they are working to achieve and inability to do this has always giving them more things to worry about and thereby don’t ease up at work at all.  Thinking that everything will be solved in the next few seconds, and then they skipped their break time and only request for a cup of coffee to keep themselves cool. This may go on unknowingly right up to the quitting time.  You need to know it is a MUST for you to always, adhering to a specified break schedule, even if you’re the boss. You definitely need this to release all the body tension, stress and anxiety, off your body to ensure you live a healthy life.


 If you work on a computer this is even a greater problem because before you realize it – you’ve been working in that same position for hours.  The best answer to this is to set yourself a reminder on your appointment calendar for every 2 hours, and let the computer reminder chime send you the alert to move around to ease your nerves.


  1. Exercise, Exercise, Exercise – Taking part in exercises is no doubt one important option to live a healthy life. By “exercise” I don’t mean that you should go out and join a gym and spend your lunch-time, 3-days-a-week there working out. What is really beneficial and workable is that at those chiming alerts from your computer, get up and walk around your desk or room.  Maybe go outside and get the mail and enjoy the sunlight (if you’re an entrepreneur that has a home office), or just get up and do a few stretches.  Concentrated, tense thinking – typing – plotting plans – or whatever your work, makes all those muscles tighten up and knot up.  Then when we move we “ooh” and “ouch” because we’ve knotted up into a ball of tension. Periodic stretching, even at our desk, or just getting up and walking over to the window and getting a different view can help you reduce your body improve its productivity level.

One of the greatest disservice modern business décor has done to us, is making our offices pristine, sleek, unencumbered spaces.  There is nothing more relaxing than getting up from your desk and walking over to a peaceful, serene, seascape or pastoral painting and just drinking it in visually.  Momentarily taking your mind away from those intense working environments and into that place do great wonders by rejuvenating your body to perform excellently well after an hectic working session. 


Motivation will help you perform maximally in your work and it only takes a little concentrated effort on your part to keep yourself motivated and productive, which also leads to success.  I know you’re going to hate hearing this, but it’s true anyway – and that is, “WHEN LIFE GIVES YOUR LEMONS – MAKE LEMONADE OUT OF IT!”


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