Healthy Approaches To Reduce Stress: Learn How To Unclutter Your Life

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Healthy Approach To Reduce Stress
learn how to reduce stress

Stress is one of the circumstances of life that we can’t live without and we must ensure we do everything humanely possible to reduce stress at all cost. Though, stress can be said to be either positive or negative but the most important thing is how you decide to use stress in your life. Whatever you are experiencing in life is determined by 3 important variables known as Events (E), Response (R) and Outcomes (O). The equation goes thus:

                             E   X   R  = O

According to the above equation, events (E ) of life have to do with whatever you are passing through at any particular point in time. However, your response (R) has to do with how you perceive the situation you’re in and what you decide to do about it. The outcome (O) therefore has to do with what you are able to achieve as a result of the events and your response to your present situation.

Different experiences in life have resulted on having different responses from the people thereby eliciting different outcomes in our day to day activities. People get bothered for different reasons such as a big sports game, deadlines at work, an office presentation, important obligations to meet , even other people and relationships to deal with, all these can lead to stress. This feeling of mild anxiety can cause different outcomes, even negative consequences. A student can fail his or her exam simply by being stressed out or when he encounters a mental block that prevents effective study or getting the right answers to an exam. Different circumstances are known to have created different types of stress on the people.

Stress, as a normal human reaction, is the body’s reaction to rising challenges and tough situations an individual can find himself or herself on daily basis. Everyone, in some way or another, encounters stress whenever possible and efforts are geared towards how to reduce stress. And, the simple truth is that stress is simply inevitable in our lives. It has been man’s daily companion for years and will continue to be until the end of time. The most important question you need to ask yourself is how are you handling stress in your life? Do you use stress positively or otherwise? Do you allow stress to take its toll on your daily activities and experiences? People and events tend to clash, therefore resulting in stress. People work, play, study, do things every day, and it is impossible not to feel stressed at one way or another.

At this point, when people do not want to experience any much of this, they practice all sorts of things that can reduce the adverse effects of stress in their lives, such as medications, yoga, visiting of guidance and counselor or engage in other forms of anti-stress. Any option adopted can only brings about a considerable improvement if and only if the stress is known to exist at all. Others may also engage in anti-anxiety which may bring about instant relief.

As catastrophic the stress is known to be there are quite a number of approaches you can adopt to reduce the devastating effects of stress in your life. A healthier approach to relieving stress is by practicing stress techniques that can maintain the person’s state of balance and regulation in both body and mind. Exercise is a stress technique that is not only good for your physical health but also helps relieve a person’s tension and frustration. Sports and other fitness routines are excellent ways to relieve tension. Many people who want to manage stress go to a boxing class, join a cycling club, or engage in other exercise activities that would allow them to release their stress.

Apart from exercise, there are other useful techniques to be adopted to reduce stress in your life such as practicing of deep breathing, which gives the person a feeling of relaxation. Proper breathing counts and rhythm is used as stress reducing techniques that eventually lead to more relaxation. Relaxation activities such as Yoga or Tai chi can also reduce stress by relaxing the mind and body, and thereby relieving stress patterns around the body. Yoga and Tai chi also helps develop concentration and positive body awareness.

These Oriental arts have been practiced by millions of people for centuries and its usefulness in reducing stress and stress-related problems have been reported to yield positive results in handling stress. Medical research has equally documented the beneficial effects of these modes of exercise in tackling all problems associated with stress. By moving slowly with ease and always in a state of relaxation, the person performing these activities will feel good, and soon the feeling of relaxation will follow to completely reduce stress.

Muscle relaxation also works wonder to reduce stress. By deep breathing and constant contraction and relaxation of different body parts, the person will feel relaxed after every contraction, which also releases stress.

Massage therapy is another viable option that has been known to be highly effective in handling stress. Massaging your scalp, putting pressure on your shoulders or even your eyes can really reduce stress in that certain part of your body.

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The points listed above are just few of some highly effective means of tackling all problems associated with stress. People should take a second look at these stress management techniques. But one thing you need to know is that you can’t just adopt any method without proper evaluation of how it’s going to be useful for your problem. You have to study yourself to know what method will be highly effective for you. You have to know that adoption of any method blindly can have side effects in proper handling of stress. This necessitates the need to work with your doctor in order to know which will be very conducive for you based on your medical report you have with your doctor. You have to know that with proper doctor’s advice, the use of safe and proven drugs may help you towards speedy recovery from stress.

As stated these are just some of the ways to treat stress in your life, if you observe that the listed above methods are not effective in your case, you may contact your doctor who is in a better position to know more about the right medical professionals you can contact. But you have to know that there are a lot of healthy ways to beat stress. Learn them today to know which one is ideal for you and remain stress-free.

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