Heart Healthy Eating: Feed Your Heart For Utmost Performance

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heart healthy eating

If you want your heart to perform maximally, then heart healthy eating is the best method you have to adopt. Out of all the major organs of the body, heart is one of the most important organs in your body that its maximum performance should be promoted. This necessitates the need to feed your heart with a well-balanced diet. You must take note of the foods you put into your mouth because it has greater impacts on how your heart operates. If you want your heart to be strong and able to pump blood as well as possible all over your body, it is important for you to engage on heart healthy eating. Heart-healthy foods are readily available in the supermarket, therefore you must try as much as possible to study yourself in order to know the types of food that are appropriate for your body. So choose some that work for your personal likes and doing so should be able to help you prevent heart disease in your body.

Cholesterol is the most important thing when it comes to heart-healthy eating foods. There are both good cholesterols and bad cholesterols. Good cholesterols are called High-Density Lipoproteins (HDL) and their job in the body is to take care of the excess bad cholesterol known as Low-Density Lipoproteins (LDL) to the liver, where it can be broken down further for easy digestion from the body. LDL is actually not needed by your body at all from foods and this type is the one known to contribute harmful effects into the body especially when it’s in excess in our body system. Our bodies make enough of this kind of cholesterol on its own. It is the LDL cholesterol that hurts our hearts, not the HDL cholesterol, which actually helps our hearts to reduce the amount of LDL cholesterol in the body.

LDL constitutes those substances that have low density in our body system and it does not flow through the blood stream as readily as it should. The red blood cells easily release the LDL cholesterol and it sticks to the walls of your blood vessels, especially in the arteries leading to your heart. If this continues without being brought under control it can lead to serious health concerns. This is bad for a number of reasons.

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First, when the LDL cholesterol builds up on your arteries, it reduces the amount of blood that can pass through at a time, since the artery becomes smaller. That means your heart has to pump harder and faster in order to allow the same amount of blood to flow through your body. Over time, this makes your heart tired more easily and you wouldn’t feel strong as you used to be. And in the worst-case scenario, the blood vessel becomes so built up with LDL cholesterol that your artery could close completely. When this happens, your heart essentially panics because it is not getting the required quantity of blood it needs and it will start to beat rapidly purposely to pump the blood needed in the body. This can cause a heart attack.

You can also have a heart attack from LDL cholesterol build up if a piece of the build-up, called plaque, breaks off and floats down the blood stream. When it reaches a smaller part of the blood vessel, it will get stuck and block the blood, which again causes a heart attack. If the piece of plaque travels to the brain instead of the heart, it will cause a blockage in this area of the body, which in turn causes a stroke. Therefore, it is simply important to cut out of your diet the foods that are known to be high in cholesterol so that you can prevent heart disease and other problems in the body.

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