Keeping Fit All The Way: Learn What You Need To Do To Make Your Body Your Friend

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keeping fit for effective living
keeping fit for effective living

Keeping fit is one important responsibility we need to embark on if we really want to make our body our best friend. The number of men who “keep fit” in our society today across the world has been surprisingly few, while the number of those who have made good resolutions to keep themselves fit is astonishingly large. Having a deeper reflection of this fact made it highly important to create awareness to our website users in order to give them the opportunity of all what they need to do for effective living. This fact has equally convinced the writer that the reason for this state of affairs lies partly in our inability to visualize the conditions and our failure to impress upon all men the need to engage in physical exercise.


I believe that a nation should be made up of people who individually possess clean, strong bodies and pure minds; those who have respect for their own rights as well as the rights of others and possess the courage and strength to redress wrongs; and, finally, in whom self-consciousness is sufficiently powerful to preserve these qualities. I believe in education, patriotism, justice, and loyalty. I equally believe in civil and religious liberty and in freedom of thought and speech. I believe in all obligations you have to engage in purposely to ensure that you protect the weak and preserves the respect and true love for your parents, and in the physical strength that makes kind and polite behavior to be more effective. I believe in that clear thinking and straight speaking which conquers envy, slander, and fear. I believe that if you keep yourself away from all malice and bad behaviour that may jeopardise your happy existence through faith, hope, and charity, and in the dignity of labour.

It is however worrisome for quite a large number of people who believe that having graduated from college is all what they need to ensure that they live a healthy life, not minding that the possession of the right information that guide towards healthy and effective living is the best. And as soon as their school-days were over they largely abandoned anything that can add more vigour to their lives such as taking part in athletics and physical exercise; until, in middle life, when they will realize that they had been going against the laws of nature, and this can adversely affect them in later life. Then, they took up golf or some other form of physical exercise to correct the mistakes they have been committing in keeping fit their body.

The result of such a custom has been to lower the physical tone of the race. Golf is a fine form of exercise, but in an exceedingly mild way. No one claims that it will build up worn-out muscles nor, played in the ordinary way, that it will induce deep breathing; nor, except in warm weather, that it will produce any large amount of skin action. Hence it is easy to imagine the condition of the man who at the end of his ‘teens gave up athletics, and then did nothing of a physically exacting nature until he took up golf. All this must be taken seriously if you really want to engage in keeping fit your body.


One thing that our middle-aged men, and in fact many of us who have not yet reached that age limit, have entirely forgotten is that nature is very wary of her favours over every living being. Nature our primal mother is just and kind, but yet has little regards for whoever that dares to neglects her laws. You need to know that when a man earns his bread by the sweat of his brow nature maintains him in good physical condition, but immediately he chooses to favour all the luxury aspects of life by eating series of junk food as well as riding in a motor-car to the extent of not engaging in any form of exercise instead of walking that will take care of all the cholesterols in his body, then most of his body cells and the muscles of his legs, hangs a weight of fat throughout his body and labels him “out of the running.” Then, if he persists in eating and not physically exerting himself, then the nature would finally conclude that he is putting on much stress on the earth, and she takes him off with different types of diseases such as high blood pressure, obesity, heart or kidney problem or at times diabetes. It does not do him any good to tell her that he was too busy to walk and so had to ride, or that he had no time for exercising; she simply pushes him off to make way for a better man.


Nature has given man two important ways to get rid of all impurities from our body. One is through sweating from the skin and the other by means of the kidneys. This is comparable to a motor-car with two cylinders. If one stops the other will run on for a time, but with high consequence, because its wear is increased. When a man ceases to take part in daily exercise which helps in discharging sweat and bad cholesterols from the body, he throws an additional load on his kidneys. When a man goes without exercise and begins to accumulate fat, that fat gradually deposits itself and not alone about the waist; it invades the muscular tissue all over his body even to his heart. As this accumulation grows there come with it a muscular slackness and a disinclination to exercise.

The man is carrying greater weight and with less muscular strength to do it. No wonder that when he tries to exercise he gets tired so soon. He is out of condition. Hence he begins to revolve in a vicious circle. He knows that he needs exercise to help take off the fat, but exercise tires him so much, on account of the fat, that he becomes exhausted; usually he gives it up and lets himself drift again. As his abdomen becomes more pendulous his legs grow less active.

As his energy wanes his carriage becomes more slack. He shambles along as best he can, if he is positively obliged to walk. His feet trouble him. Altogether he is only comfortable when riding. When he has reached this state the insurance companies regard him as a poor risk, and instead of enjoying the allotted threescore and ten years of real life he falls short by a decade; and even then the last ten years are laden with “labour and sorrow.” However, it is highly important to get this fact once and for all and work towards the actualization of good health and effective living.

Remember, keeping fit is an option you have to start working on today to ensure you live the life of your dream.


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