The Pathway To Effective And Healthy Living: Simple Steps To Manage Anxiety

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how to manage anxiety and stress by relaxation
manage anxiety and stress by relaxation

Fear either real or imaginary has contributed in no small way in wreaking havoc in the lives of so many people from time immemorial. Then, you need to know that fear in your life can never bring anything remarkable in your life than sorrow, heavy heart, stress among other negative experiences. And, you must make it a necessity to decide the best thing that supposed to happen to you ny ensuring you do away with all your fears. Listen, has it ever occurred to you that you find yourself in a situation that brought on sweats, rapid heartbeat and shortness of breath to you? When this happens you need to be aware of the fact that you probably weren’t having a heart attack but an anxiety attack that must be stopped if you don’t want it to stop you from living your life the way you want it. If you are suffering from anxiety attack or disorders then learning how to take total control of your life should be your first step to overcome it. Anxiety is defined as extreme reactions to fearful situations and occurrences in your life. For example, if you observe that someone is following you into a dark alley, then you should experience those anxious feelings of a racing heartbeat and sweaty palms. This will give you away to heightened senses and a rush of adrenalin that will prompt you to do all what you think can save your life. This has to be either in fight or flight syndrome. However, if you’re suffering from frequent anxiety, the problem really is the fearful feelings from a particular situation and not the situation itself. For example, getting caught in traffic can cause an anxiety attack for you over what might happen for getting to work very late. There are so many ways in which anxiety and fears can be experienced in your life, one of such is when you are thinking of starting a new job or business venture and you don’t know what might come your way. Fear of the unknown may be the re reason for the anxiety and this can send you into a panic. Then beware! You need to know that every situation in your life that brings anxiety is not life-threatening as it seems at times. More than likely it is an extremely stressful situation that has brought on the anxiety as a way of dealing with it. Now you’ll have to understand that unchecked anxiety of this type can lead to depression. And living with depression can be life-threatening!!! If you experience anxiety very often in your life, you must try as much as possible to ensure you put an end to this in order to keep your anxiety under control. Listed below are some of the steps you have to engage on to bring fear and anxiety in your life.

  1. Seek medical and professional assistance: Getting medical and other health professionals assistance can go a long way to manage anxiety in your life. Engaging in self-diagnosis, be it on physical or mental can be very dangerous to you. For example, a professional psychologist can help you understand the reasons for your anxiety and what can be done to put an end to this situation in your life for effective methods to manage anxiety in your life.
  2. Ensure you have a good night’s sleep. Another effort to manage anxiety should also be geared towards having a good night’s sleep. When you sleep your body undergoes the process of self-repairs. This will energize you to live a healthy life, and hence the need to make sure you sleep when you get tired. You’ll feel more relaxed after several hours of restorative sleep. It’s even been prescribed that you should have about eight hours to sleep a day.
  3. Taking Part on daily exercise on a consistent basis. Taking part in exercise can really help you to use oxygen more efficiently. It helps to get more oxygen to the brain. It also increases focus which may help you see solutions to problems rather than simply worrying about them.

  4. Engage in meditation. Taking part in meditation is known to be highly effective in managing anxiety you can equally take part in yoga which is an exercise that involves quieting you mind in order to control your breathing. Taking part in mediation such as taking 5 minutes to clear your mind everyday can work wonders in the efforts to fight against anxiety.

  5. Manage your worry to manage anxiety. Anytime you observe that your pulse starts to quicken as if you are in a relay race, then count backwards from ten to one for some time. And as you count, you’ll have to focus on your situation and what can likely. What has actually happened? Resist the urge to read anything more into the situation.

Anxiety can come into anybody’s life at anytime and the most important is to know how to effectively use anxiety to effectively plan what you want to achieve in life. To experience anxiety is normal but when the anxiety becomes frequent and turns out to be a part of your daily activities, this can create more serious problems for your life. This can lead you to be at risk for more serious conditions. If you feel your anxiety is starting to take over your life or increasingly causing serious problems for your life, you must try as much as possible to seek professional help immediately. You’ll have to believe that you don’t need to suffer this terrible condition in silence. Do something worthwhile today to effectively manage anxiety in your life.




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