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Christians And Money

A Biblical Based Guide For You And Your Family


How should Christians handle money? Is it okay for Christians to want to get rich? Doesn’t the Bible teach that money is the root of all evil?

And didn’t Jesus teach his followers to give all they had to the poor? What about debt and spending habits?


What lessons can one take from the Bible concerning money?

So, with the preceding foundational principles in mind, let us address some of the specific questions that confront Christians today when it comes to money…



When we think of money, we must understand that it is a tool used for the exchange of goods and services. We should not make it more complicated than that. Money is a tool for exchange.


A Personal Note From The Author of this ebook…


I am a pastor, writer, and part-time educator. It is a passion of mine to help shine biblical insight into the practical, day-to-day issues you and I deal with in our lives. There’s a lot of debate in Christian circles (and non-Christian circles, for that matter) about money.


Some of these debates revolve around the following questions…

  • Is it wrong for Christians to gain and/or pursue wealth?
  • Is it wrong for Christians to be in debt? If not, how much debt is acceptable?
  • Should Christians worry about retirement?
  • Should Christians play the stock market?
  • Should Christians tithe – or is that an Old Testament thing? If they should, how much? Is it 10%?
  • Is it acceptable for pastors, missionaries, and/or other fulltime Christian workers to pursue non-ministry employment and/or non-ministry money-making opportunities?
  • How much should pastors, missionaries, and/or other fulltime workers make in the first place? · And much, much more!


Money is, however, a reality of today – as it was a reality of Jesus’ day and Moses’ day. Money is a possession, a tool.


And thus it falls under the same general stewardship principles found in the Scriptures. We are responsible before God for all that which is under our care……..

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Christians and Money

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