Cracking the Code

Shaping Your Millionaire Mind


By Paul Evans and W. Mark Thompson


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When I got started on the internet several years ago everything seemed like code. “Joint Venture” sounded like a drug deal. “HTML” hinted to HELL (and soon I found they were very similar). “Opt-In” brought to mind some version of poker where you continually throw money in the pot and get nothing in return. Unfortunately, many find their online experience dancing the Mambo with that last thought. 


Like thousands upon thousands of others I started buying every resource available to cut the learning curve. You might want a list of the resources, but its way too embarrassing to list everything I‟ve bought or tried in an effort to become “successful.” Take my word for it, I have purchased a couple of hundred ebooks and studied them endlessly, signed up for hundred of ezines and downloaded their free giveaways, wasted money on terrible products without being able to get refunded, purchased web addresses on a whim; you name it and I‟ve probably tried it. 

Get this – there is no lack of information. No one is hiding the secret to building a huge opt-in list. Copywriting courses fill every corner of the web. 

Traffic secrets abound. 

There must be something more than just information that makes the difference. Something more than marketing techniques contribute to making gobs of money. 


And there is something more. Much more. 

Because of my hyperactive nature I don‟t always clue in too tightly, Mark Thompson, however, has a keen sense of discernment. When launching a new product I sent an email to one of the top names online. He was very receptive. I forwarded the email to Mark letting him know of the possible goldmine. He sent an email back, “He likes your stuff, but more importantly he likes you as a person.” 

What? I didn‟t read that anywhere in the email I received from the “guru.” Mark could tell by the wording and energy of the email. 

Mark here. It‟s true. But it‟s not what you may think. I‟m not a fortune teller, a palm reader or a prophet. I could tell by the energy in the email. The writing screamed, “Paul, I think you‟re a great guy! I‟d like to talk more with you.” You know what? I was right. 


Discernment is a great gift. However, I‟m not going to tell you that you have to learn discernment. But you are very capable of the energy you put in your writings. When you write your product, copy, a letter to your grandmother, or whatever, there is a definite energy. This energy is extremely important. 


But before this starts sounding like its own secret code you need to break, just know for now energy in your writing is a significant key to online success.                                                         

Cracking the Code has little to do with what you do, it‟s concerned with how you do it. We uncovered 22 crucial principles flowing through the lives of the successful.


Introducing …..


cracking the code


Cracking the Code

Shaping Your Millionaire Mind

Here’s how it lays out…

Each chapter taps into a Code Word for that section, such as YOUnique in chapter 3. Even though it‟s a play on words, the capitalized part of each word – in this case YOU – is the focus. It‟s the foundation of the principle. Next, the term is explained. Then “the code” is given. This is how the concept takes root in you. Finally, the chapter concludes with a real life example (or dead example, but he or she made such an impact their life lives on after them) of someone who is principle proof. That does not mean that he/she doesn‟t crack the code in several – if not all – of the areas, but you can‟t miss this aspect flowing out of their lives. 


This book talks about the principles, but the Code Section is where you will apply the concepts to your life. Don‟t be the person who loves to optimize his web pages, but fails to optimize his life!



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