Inge suffers the greatest calamity of her life by not listening to simple instruction from her mother. And, as much as her problem is, the act of giving to charity helps her in regaining back her life, while her problems are equally solved.


the girl who trod on the loaf
                              the girl who trod on the loaf


Every parent has one or two things to learn from this classic children reading series. It is the duty of every parent to find all possible ways that harm can come to their children and at the same time find ways of stopping such bad experiences in the life of their children. The children must be given the best advice on how to live a danger-free life.

Get a copy of this book today to get your information more concrete in your children’s life purposely to guide them aright and thereby working towards achieving their life’s goal.

Teaching our children the right path in life is highly important and this is highly expressed in this tiny and very short story about Inge who despite all the directives and proper ways of living clearly explained to her by her mother decided not to listen to her mother.  Being a disobedient child changed her life by turning into a bird and has to learn the right ways of living among the birds. This however made her changed to a new and better person immediately she had the second chance to become a human being.

Get your copy today and enjoy reading this tiny but loaded story to your child. The book is even written in such a way that you and your children may decide to act this play in your house for proper understanding of the message this story is trying to pass across to our children on how to be a good child. The girl who trod on the loaf is a must read book for every parent and their children for a prosperous, eventful and fulfilled life.

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