Webinar Lead Pro: Create High converting Webinar Lead Pages Like A Pro

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Webinar Lead Pro

Create High converting Webinar Lead Pages Like A Pro

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“Finally, Discover How to Create a High-Converting Webinar Landing Page Using a Real Proven Strategy… Starting Today!”

Announcing a Brand New 9-Part Video Course


 Dear Business Owner,

Learn How To skyrocket Your Sales With Webinar Lead Pro Video Course.

This 9-part video course is designed to show you how you can quickly and easily get more people attending your webinars!

Companies say this over and over again, and we’ve found the same with our experience:


“Webinars have become the most powerful marketing channel for acquiring more customers and sales.”

webinar lead pro books


One important fact you need to know is that it doesn’t necessarily have to be a live webinar either. You can do a webinar replay and it will equally serve the purpose of a live webinar.

Webinar replays are just as powerful simply because they combine the elements of video and engagement, allowing you to showcase your products and services right in front of the eyes of your prospect.


If you have done your webinar right in the first instance, they can prove extremely useful and convert skeptical prospects into loyal customers as well.

And, it’s likely possible that you may have bought an acclaimed powerful webinar software and your expectations is completely dashed when you adopt what you have been sold into without any positive results. At last, your ability to run webinars is still in question. But now what?


Do you now know how to get people to sign up for your webinar?


Typically, most people use the standard or default webinar landing pages that come with the platform. However, that’s a major mistake.


Why? Simply, because most webinar platforms do not specialize in sales copy or teaching the steps to convert prospects into sales customers.

So, if you really want to convert your prospects into customers, you must create your own landing pages and your own sales copy that will suit your purpose.




webinar lead pro



Webinar Lead Pro: Create High converting Webinar Lead Pages Like A Pro


  9 Part Video Course


Here’s a breakdown of this 9 part video series in more detail.


                Video #1 – Introduction


Before we jump into the video course, we are going to get you into the right mindset. Because having the right mindset is the first option to make you readily prepare for what you are about to do. Next, you will be given a quick video overview so you know exactly what to expect, and you’ll be able to implement everything at a much faster rate.  And then we will discuss the basics of what you need to get started.

                Video #2 – Before You Design The Sales Copy


Before we discuss sales copy you need to get a list of what you have, such as inventory of all what you need to put in place for a successful webinar. This way, when we begin the process of creating the sales copy, you already have a head start. We will discuss landing page creation options and other elements that will help you increase your prospects and conversions rate to the maximum.


Video #3 –  Benefits Of Carrying Out A Successful Webinar


Before we look at the headline and other sales copy elements, we want to take a bottom-to-top approach rather than the other way around that is typically taught. This approach will tell you what the likely outcome of your action will be in terms of making your webinar more accepted by your prospecting customers. As such, in this particular video we will be discussing benefits and why it’s important to start with these first before we look at the headline.


Video #4 – How To Create A Viable Headlines / Sub-Headlines for Your Webinar


After you create a list of the top benefits, it’s time to talk about how to create your headlines and sub-headlines that will endear your prospects to really have interest on what you want to deliver at the webinar.


Video #5 – Do You Know You Need To Give Out Freebies


Giving out freebies is one important methods to make people having interest in you for the first tim. One way to get people to sign up for your webinar is by giving away something of value for free. Not just anything for free, but something that they would really want. We will discuss this further in this particular video.


Video #6 – How To Build Curiosity Into Your Game


In this video we will discuss elements that will help build curiosity of what’s on the other side. These elements can include media such as videos or images. But the big question is, should you use videos or should you not? There’s more on that in this video. Watch out for more on this


Video #7 –  Creating Scarcity Will Make You A Professional


It’s been proven that if you don’t get somebody to sign up at that very instant, they will forget about you. And the majority of the time this is because people are busy, and if they don’t take action at that very moment they never will. So what kind of scarcity elements can you include in your page that will help you get sign-ups right away? You Need to Know About This


Video #8 – Make Your Offer More Compliance To Rules


Before you promote your landing page with any type of paid advertising such as Google ads or even Facebook ads, you need to make sure that your pages are compliant. For example, you will need to have proper legal pages. This video will lay out everything you need.


Video #9 –What You Need To Include In Your Webinar Funnel


By the time you get to this video, we have really covered the majority of the course. As a bonus we want to show you the layout in my map of what is inside your webinar funnel. We will not go into great depth, but you’ll be given a quick overview of the pages that you need in order to be successful so you can get started without any delay. You have gotten a roller-coaster training course. Go and implement what you have been thought. Success is really awaiting YOU


Video Grab this video course now so you can start converting more webinar prospects into loyal customers!






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P.S. This training course is designed to show you how you can increase your webinar landing page conversions!    

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